We're so happy you made it!


All of us share the desire for greater joy, meaning, inner-freedom and connection. But, many of us aren't quite sure where to start.

Thankfully, there's a community of psychologists and researchers dedicated to unpacking the secrets of happiness. Regrettably, much of this information gets lost in the pages of academic journals or within the four walls of therapy rooms. 

It's our belief that this information should be available to anyone consciously seeking to enrich their lives. 

'Happiness insight' was founded to translate the science of happiness into everyday happiness. We hope to share the beliefs, habits and skills that nourish and awaken our natural capacity for happiness.

Welcome. It is our privilege - and sincere pleasure - to share this journey with you.

With Warmth, 

Kass & Alicia xx

Curious to know more?

Alicia is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and an advocate of self-compassion, mindful living and life-long personal development. She works in Positive Psychology which means she's passionate about equipping people with the skills to make good lives, great. When she's not doing this, you'll find her laughing in the company of her dear ones (or even better in the company of herself), in her active wear (actively relaxing), or chasing the sun (and stopping whenever she can to see it set). 

Kass is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, working in private practice. She believes that true well-being is a product of pausing to admire the small moments in life, building genuine and meaningful connections with yourself and others, and being your own agent of change. She is passionate about empowering people to live a life of greater understanding, emotional insight and equanimity. When she's not doing this, you will find her in the kitchen cooking (there's no such thing as "I'm not that hungry" in her recipe book), delighting in cute animal pics (and adopting her friend's pets as her own), and getting out and about (unless her favourite reality tv show is on).