What is Self-Compassion?

You may have already guessed this, but we're pretty obsessed with self-compassion. And the reason being is that self-compassion is this totally untapped resource that we all innately have access too. We just need to learn how to use it.

So what is it?

Self-compassion is about treating yourself with the same kindness and respect that we would show a dear friend. It's about leaning into our own suffering and responding in a way that leaves us feeling cared for and comforted. We all know how to be compassionate, but unfortunately we tend to reserve our compassion for others and aren't familiar with turning compassion inwards.

Instead, we often spend a lot of time undermining ourselves with self-criticism, which in the long term can have some pretty serious implications for our mental health. Self-compassion is a way that we can relate more kindly to ourselves and allows us to build a loving relationship with ourselves. 

Curious to know more about what self-compassion is? Check out this snippet from our self-compassion e-course (coming soon!) that explains it all. 

May you keep happiness in sight xx